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Chips Fleur de Sel

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Sal e Ibiza has been harvested on the island for ever2700 years. It still is a 100% pure salt, very rich in vital minerals and trace elements. We simply add nothing not requires nothing but sun, sea, and an ocean breezel Made from the sea - by the sun! Truly Cristal de la Vida!

Now Sal de Ibiza has teanmed up with the experts of Frutos Secos Ibiza to present you with  these all-natural premium Potato Chips - gently simmered in mild sunflower oil, then lightly salted with Sal de Ibiza. Enjoy!Ingredients : selected potatoes, sun flower oil, Fleur de Sel and sea-salt from Ibiza - plus lots of love

Keep in a cool dry place. May contains traces of nuts, milk, gluten, soy and celery.

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