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Capsules Kolli Longberry Ethiopia 100% Arabica

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10 x 0.057 g
€86.84 le kilo

KollCapsules Kolli Longberry.

10 capsules bag.

Kolli, where this coffee commes from, is located in Ethiopia's cofee forest. It is known for the quality and authenticity of its Arabica Longberry varieties, sourced from the wild forest of Waba more than 100 years ago.

Grown at an altitude of over 1.800 metres in a forest farming environment that has been awarded the Bird Friendly label, this beautifully round coffee is smooth in the cup and develops complex notes of red fruit, spices and praline.

The capsule and paper seal are biodegradable, can be industrially composted in less than thrree months and are made from renewable materials.

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