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Mojito Syrup

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25 cl
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Ingredients: cane sugar, water, 0.3% lime natural flavor and 0.2% mint natural flavor, citric acid, coloring agent: E104, E133 Can have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. "Virgin Mojito: 1 part syrup, 7 parts sparkling water. Mojito Tradicional: 1 part syrup, 1 part white rum, 7 parts sparkling water." Store in the refrigerator after opening.

Traces possibles de fruits à coque, gluten, moutarde, sésame, lait, oeuf, soja, sulfites.

Possible traces of nuts, sesame, gluten,sulfites, milk, soy

Average nutrional value for 100 ml unprepared Energy : 1673 KJ / 400 kcal,Total fat : 0 g Fat satures: 0 g, Carbohydrate : 100 g Sugars 99 g, Protein : 0 g, salt : 0.012 g.

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